Edge Legal Marketing services companies that cater to the legal market. Edge understands that when service providers approach the legal audience, it is imperative to speak their language, to understand the issues at hand and to offer logical solutions that are both empathetic and trusted. Edge knows the market’s “hot buttons” and is prepared to help you communicate with the target group as an understanding member, not an outsider. We are wired into the legal world, which allows us to hit the ground running for clients!


Accounting Edge Marketing offers unparalleled accounting industry marketing and public relations expertise and services. Our programs are specifically designed for service and technology providers that wish to reach accounting industry professionals. Our tight relationships with accounting media, industry influencers and organizations provide a launching pad for companies wanting to make their mark. Regardless of if you are a startup company or an established firm looking for new ways to reach your targeted audience, Accounting Edge Marketing's experience will take you there! Visit the Accounting Edge Marketing website.