Firm of the Future

The year 2020 isn’t the future; the future is now. Every day the look, feel and function of marketing and public relations are transforming radically – and that means that Edge as an agency must be transforming too. Organizations that are not restructuring or adjusting their skill sets to meet the demands of 2020 today will be left by the wayside.

Edge is building a firm of the future.

WHAT IS EDGE? A workplace that offers competent marketing professionals a professional-level income plus opportunities to expand knowledge and expertise, all within a flexible environment that promotes a healthy work/life balance. It is an independent company that considers each team member as a stakeholder in its future. The company provides an environment that is both challenging and fulfilling and will continue to do so for a very long time.

So, what does a firm of the future look like? It is a highly integrated organization that employs hub and spoke structures with the client in the middle and Edge staff as the spokes and rim of the wheel. Silos are nonexistent; the integration and interconnectedness of this new model enable full knowledge and coordination of all participants.

The organization has a clear goal of business growth, a clear purpose, complete internal alignment of functional areas, cleanly defined roles and responsibilities for each individual, collaboration centers and comprehensive data management, a solid third-party resource team, client and industry engagement, an impactful technology tool set and a strong connectivity throughout. The agency has a greater variety of talent to meet the demand for digital expertise.

As the convergence of marketing and public relations increases, clients will want to work with an agency that can manage all key aspects of marketing.

Most marketing decision-makers agree that finding technical, creative and tactical excellence in equal measure with one agency is a rarity. Get ready, because Edge embraces that challenge. Edge is a firm of the future.